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15 mai 2011 7 15 /05 /mai /2011 00:33

Ok, first off, I take it that my views are biased since I am Co-Founder of a Twitter App, that allows to schedule tweets. Yet, before you make your final judgment, please hear me out.

The arguments I found which make scheduling tweets not just recommendable, but even provide you with a competitive advantage are as logical and rational as I could think them through. 

1.) The quality of your tweets is higher

One thing I realized after scheduling tweets for a while is that the quality of your tweets goes up. If you decide to try it out you can make up for a dedicated time whilst you write tweets.

Similarly to writing posts, I naturally get into a “writing zone” or “content production mode” which means I am really focused on the copy of my tweets.

This dedication naturally brings up not only my consistency, but also the quality of my tweets.

2.) There is the same amount of “You” in there

I like to usually distinguish between automated tweets and scheduled ones. The reason being is that scheduled ones are rather optimized than automated.

They contain the same personally written content that real time tweets possess and given, are actually even better content.

The main point is that even though you might not be there, whilst it is sent, the same effort went into creating that tweet.

3.) You save a huge amount of time

This is a no brainer really. Scheduling tweets can save you a huge amount of time every day and allows you to still create interesting content for your followers.

Personally, I like to skim through my news on my Google Reader in the morning and then at the same time craft my tweets with headlines to articles I found worth reading.

Scheduling Tweets right there or throwing them in my Buffer in my case means I can do things in one go and I don’t forget about sharing the great things I found.

4.) Consistency is key

Similar to blogging I found that it makes a huge difference if you can guarantee your followers a consistency of high quality twitter updates.

It means you become the Twitter avatar they are looking for because you have proven to provide quality tweets in the past.

Observing the click rate of my personal Twitter account showed me that the more consistent I tweet, the higher the amount of clicks.

5.) You are freed up for interaction

The final reason I believe scheduling some tweets is that it helps you immensely to focus more on the interaction. The action you have already created.

Jumping in to join the conversation whenever you have a free minute feels much better as you know you already provided value throughout the day.

Tweeting consistently by scheduling tweets also gives your followers a chance to interact more with you.

Over to you now. Are you scheduling some of your tweets? Do you think there is a benefit associated to doing it?

I would love to hear your views on this topic. Please share them with me below.



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